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Terms of Use


1 . Domain ownership www.raccoongames.es

In Law Enforcement 34 / 2002de Services Information Society and
Electronic Commerce ( LSSICE ) , we inform you I owned the domain
of our shop , www.raccoongames.es , carries a Raccoon Games SL,
Legally Constituted in Spain with CIF B - 91709808 and registered
in the trade register of Sevilla .
(Hereinafter RaccoonGames.es )

2 . Purpose and scope.

The General Conditions of recruitment and use , are designed to
regulate the provision of the information provided in the online
store RaccoonGames.es and commercial transactions arising between
RaccoonGames.es and users www.raccoongames domain. is .
Whether browsing the online shop as the purchase of any products
offered on it , suppose the user acceptance without reservations
of any kind, each and every one of these general terms and
conditions and use RaccoonGames.es amend website to make as many
changes and modifications deemed desirable and make necessary for
the proper functionality of it , without notice.

3 . Information provided on the website.

We make every effort to provide the information contained in the
website is accurate and no typographical errors. In the case that
at some point an error of this kind at all times outside the will
of www.raccoongames.es occurs , immediately be corrected .
There is a typographical error in one of the displayed prices and
a client has made a purchase decision based on that error , we
will communicate that error and the customer is entitled to cancel
the purchase at no cost on their part .
Similarly, it is possible that the contents of the website can
show sometimes provisional information on some products . In the
event that the information provided does not correspond to the
characteristics of the product the customer is entitled to cancel
the purchase at no cost on your part. RaccoonGames.es is not
responsible directly or indirectly of any information , content,
statements and expressions containing products placed on the
website. That responsibility falls when publishers , manufacturers
or suppliers of those products . All contractual information
present in www.raccoongames.es shown in Spanish ( Castilian and
English) , and communication with customers and users, and the
formalization of the contract must be in these languages.

4 . Intellectual property .

All content published in the store , especially design, text ,
graphics , logos , button icons and software , trade names ,
trademarks or industrial drawings and any other signs of
industrial and commercial use are subject to rights intellectual
of RaccoonGames.es or third party owners who have duly authorized
their inclusion in the website property. Under no circumstances
shall any license granted or waiver, total or partial transfer of
such rights is done or any right or expectation of rights
conferred , in particular, alteration , exploitation, reproduction
, distribution or public communication these contents without the
prior express authorization of RaccoonGames.es or the
corresponding owners .

5 . Responsibility RaccoonGames.es

The products presented on the website are in accordance with
Spanish law. Responsibility for Raccoongames.es can not be
invoked in the case of non-compliant with the legislation of the
countries that have been sent according to the request of
customer. It corresponds to customers outside of Spain to verify
the possibility of importing or using products that you request .
Access to the website will be voluntary , and therefore the
responsibility of the user, who will be responsible for any
direct or indirect effect by your use of the website arising ,
including, but not limited way , all economic , technical and /
or legal side and the disappointment of expectations generated by
our website, forcing the user to hold harmless RaccoonGames.es for
any claims arising directly or indirectly from such facts. Raccoon
Games.es not responsible for any damages that may result from
interference , omissions , interruptions, computer viruses, faults
and / or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system
or appliances and computers of users motivated by RaccoonGames.es
fault , prevent or delay the provision of services or browsing the
store, or delays or blockages in the use caused by deficiencies or
overloads of Internet or other electronic systems , or the
inability to providing the service or allow access for reasons not
attributable to RaccoonGames.es , due to the user , third parties
or force majeure . Raccoon Games.es not control , generally, the
use made ​​by users of the website. In particular , games.es Raccoon
not respond in any way for users to use the website in accordance
with the law , these General Conditions, morality and generally
accepted good customs and public order, or that they do so
diligently and prudent.

6. Obligations to customers and users.

In overall the user AGREES to Comply With These terms and to Comply with the special warnings or instructions Contained therein or on the website and always act según the law, morality and the Requirements of good faith, using due diligence and refraining from using the website That in any way impede May, damage or impair the Normal Functioning, property or rights RaccoonGames.es, suppliers, other users or in generally of any third party. Access and use the site to minors without parental consent is prohibited RaccoonGames.es not responsible for the accuracy of the data filled by the user and THEREFORE can not verify the age of them.

Specifically, and without implying any restriction on the previous section using the website www.raccoongames.es When the user AGREES to:

a) Provide accurate information about the Requested data in user registration form or Placing an order, and keep them updated.

b) Not enter, store or transmit to or from the website, any information or materials That is defamatory, libelous, obscene, threatening, racist, incites violence or discrimination based on race, gender, ideology, religion or in any Manner referred to morality , public order, basic rights, civil liberties, honor, privacy or the image of others and General Regulations.

7. Pre-orders System:

Will not be accepted by the customer , cancellations of orders.








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